McDaniel to take back stolen senate seat in November!

“We are thrilled that Mississippi’s true conservative and anti-establishment candidate has decided to run for the seat in November.  This is a once in a generation opportunity for the people to have their say rather than accept the choice of the powers that be.  No one but the people of Mississippi should be choosing who represents them. Not Mitch McConnell, not some group of DC politicos, and definitely not lobbyists or elitist swamp-dwellers.

“McDaniel is someone who actually reflects Mississippi values, which have been silenced for too long at the federal level by people who could care less about Mississippians.

“The state’s conservative values have been shoved aside for decades in favor of more spending, growing the national debt, and lax immigration policies. McDaniel favors tight control on immigration, favors significant spending cuts, opposes increases in the debt limit, and supports a Balanced Budget Amendment.  Families understand they cannot spend more than they make, government ought to do the same.

“And McDaniel favors states’ rights and the decisions of their voters, which is why he opposes retiring the Mississippi flag into a museum. It’s time to Remember Mississippi and for Mississippians to take back their US Senate seat!