Chris McDaniel is all in! Are you?

We, the undersigned, are pleased that Chris McDaniel has declared his candidacy for United State Senate. Mississippi needs leaders who are fully committed to Making America Great Again. We are committed to working on behalf of true conservatives like Chris McDaniel to restore our democracy and reform Washington DC.

Chris McDaniel is exactly the right person to represent Mississippi in the United States Senate. He is a leader who is willing to fight to repeal Obamacare, and he will work to pass a balanced budget. We deserve a decisive leader who will empower Mississippi to pursue state-driven policy solutions, rather than keeping Mississippi in the position of needing Washington’s heavy-handed “assistance.”

In the 2014 U.S. Senate race, we saw first-hand Senator McDaniel’s unwavering patriotism and conservative philosophy, combined with a much-needed problem-solving ability.  We saw too the desperate lengths to which the opponents of liberty would go to deny the will of the majority of GOP primary voters. This is why we want our fellow citizens to Remember Mississippi, why we support the organization “Remember Mississippi,” and why we are committed to helping elect State Senator Chris McDaniel finally to the United States Senate!

Mississippi deserves better than our current representatives in Washington. It’s time to send a true conservative to the Senate!

Chris McDaniel is all in! Are you? Sign your name today.