Remember Mississippi PAC on Bryant’s choice: “Another Dem enters the race”

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant appointed Cindy Hyde-Smith to fill Sen. Thad Cochran’s vacated seat in the U.S. Senate. Tommy Barnett, Treasurer of Remember Mississippi, the super PAC supporting Chris McDaniel’s candidacy, issued the following statement in response to the appointment:

“In a betrayal of conservative, tea party principles, Governor Bryant was left to choose from his third or fourth string bench to find a willing candidate to run in November. Cindy Hyde-Smith, an opportunistic politician who switched from Democrat to Republican for her own political gain and would have supported either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in 2008, is already behind McDaniel on what Mississippi voters care about. She supports foreign workers to replace hard working Americans.  She has exhibited substantial poor judgement by using campaign funds to buy a car, pay herself for no reason, purchase special event tickets and donate to her child’s school. It’s unfortunate but Hyde-Smith will fit right in with the DC swamp.

“Chris McDaniel has widespread name recognition, a long list of conservative accomplishments in line with the values of Mississippi voters, and has a voter base that is more than fired up about his candidacy.  We are looking forward to contrasting Hyde-Smith’s out-of-touch career, and the other Democrat Mike Espy’s liberal record, with McDaniel’s accomplished conservative leadership.”

Additionally, Dan K. Eberhart, CEO of Canary, LLC and donor to Remember Mississippi, issued the following statement as well:

“Naming a former Democrat to run against McDaniel may fit the goals of those in charge of the DC swamp, but it doesn’t reflect the views of the people of Mississippi. I’m backing McDaniel because he’s a true conservative who best represents the values of Mississippians. Hyde-Smith was not the first or even the second choice for Gov. Bryant, which means her appointment will hand a real opening to Democrats. McDaniel has the support of Mississippi voters and represents the kind of change we need to see across the country.”